Andre Klass Wins Final 2020 Straw Poll

A message from Andre regarding his major straw poll win in the Casselberry Chamber hob nob, which was the final straw poll for his race in the 2020 campaign season:

“Last night the Casselberry Chamber of Commerce┬áreleased the results of their virtual straw poll, and I am absolutely blown away by the results. Of the approximately 1,500 local residents who participated, I won the poll with an astounding 45% of the vote!

Some of my supporters have asked me, what sets this straw poll apart from all the others over the past few months? From my perspective, the answer is clear. First, the lack of displayed political affiliations meant that partisan biases would not be present here. Voters didn’t necessarily go out of their way to choose a candidate based on their party; instead, voters chose the person they believe to be best equipped to serve them in office. Secondly, the open accessibility of the poll, with no charge to prospective voters to cast their ballot, encouraged greater citizen participation compared to other organizations’ polls which required payment to take part.

Those reasons are what make this victory even more meaningful. The results signify what the citizens of our great county already knew, not only that we are in desperate need for a major change in our county’s leadership, but that over the past two years on the campaign trail, I have continued to build your trust to do what’s right, becoming an uplifting force and making positive impacts in the community by remaining true to integrity and principle. I am very grateful to have your support.

The decisions made at the local levels of government are what truly have the most direct impact on our quality of life. As a born-and-raised resident of Seminole County, I reaffirm my commitment to you that I am ready to work with all citizens across the entire political spectrum, maintaining a common-sense focus on the issues that matter here & now through the three fundamentals of responsibility, transparency, and accountability.

Thank you Seminole County! Let’s win this election together!”