Andre Klass Graduates from Seminole County Fire Department’s Citizens Academy

Andre Klass, candidate for Seminole County Commission District 5, is celebrating his graduation from the Seminole County Fire Department’s Citizens Academy program!

During the 10 week class, Andre had the opportunity to learn all about the different workings of the fire department, including the roles of firefighters and EMTs, special hazards and operations, fire prevention and code enforcement, administrative functions, 911 dispatch, and the resource structure of the emergency operations center. Andre even got first hand experience wearing professional gear, putting out real fires, and learning CPR!

“It is incredible to experience what Seminole County’s finest do for us each and every day, and this is something I could never forget,” said Andre Klass, Candidate. “These brave men and women go through arduous training, face unpredictable scenarios, and risk their own lives to keep us out of harms way whenever they are called. From taking this class, I know I am now much better equipped to understand and represent the needs of our professional firefighters, which is a very important responsibility as a county commissioner.”