Andre Klass Files Candidacy for Seminole County Commission District 5

Andre Klass, a lifelong resident of Seminole County, is pleased to announce the launch of his campaign for county commissioner, becoming the very first candidate to file for the District 5 seat in the 2020 election. Andre is running under the Libertarian Party affiliation, with a core platform of improving responsibility and accountability in our local government.

“To see the change that I want there to be, I knew that I would have to become the force of that change that I wanted to see,” said Andre Klass, Candidate. “I put a lot of thought into how I could make the most positive impact for my local community, and I decided that the very best way would be to run for public office.”

Andre credits his many years of experience working in technology and customer service in preparing him for this role, and has placed an aim of meeting and collaborating with as many fellow residents as possible to grow his first-hand knowledge of the issues that matter most to them. “A position in government leadership is truly the most important customer service position of all,” Klass said. “It is important to have representation that is able to develop creative and constructive solutions for the difficult problems that affect us.”

Andre’s campaign slogan “Working Together For Community” also exemplifies his desires to restore the spirit of cooperation and unity that has been lost over the years to the toxic political atmosphere which has overtaken our country. “I want people to remember that regardless of their differences in ideologies and beliefs, that we are all Americans first and foremost,” Klass said. “We need to be able to foster a civil and positive dialog with one another for the common goal of preserving our quality of life.”

While District 5 comprises the northwest regions including Sanford, Heathrow, and Lake Mary, Seminole County’s commissioners are elected in an at-large capacity, meaning their roles encompass the entire county. As a result, all 300,000+ registered voters in Seminole County will be potentially deciding the outcome of this race. Upon winning the 2020 general election, Andre would be succeeding incumbent commissioner Brenda Carey, who intends to retire at the end of her current term.

Click here to sign Andre’s petition to help secure his place on the ballot!