Andre Klass Graduates from Sanford Citizens Academy

Andre Klass receives certificate from Jeff Triplett and Patty Mahany

Andre Klass, candidate for Seminole County Commission District 5, is celebrating his graduation from the City of Sanford’s Citizens Academy program!

During the 10 week class, Andre had the opportunity to learn more about various aspects of municipal government operations, including the functions of elected and administrative offices, planning & zoning, recreation, public works, police, fire rescue, economic development, and budget management.

“It is very admirable that the City of Sanford has implemented such an engaging and insightful program aimed at educating its residents,” said Andre Klass, Candidate. “Everyone involved was very motivated and excited to be able to showcase what they do.”

The Seminole County government formerly had its own Citizens Academy, but it was ended years ago. Andre intends to develop a focus on educating citizenry and encouraging more participation in the workings of their government, including the restoration of the county’s program.

“Local government has the most direct impact on our day-to-day quality of life,” Klass said. “Ensuring that interested citizens are able to receive detailed knowledge of how our government is working for them should always be a priority in a strong leadership. Offering opportunities to empower citizens should always have strong importance.”